Process Automation & Instrumentation

We can help you identify and develop the right automated process for you at the same time partnering it with a suitable technology that will ensure efficiency in your work flow and safety of your worksite.

  • Metering, Process Monitoring
    Density & Level

    Sensors measures density, level or moisture using gamma transmission, gamma backscatter or neutron technologies

  • CEMS, COMS, SO3, Hg
    Emission Analyzers

    Employing the latest technology to comply with latest US EPA compliance for GHG, Dust and Flow

  • Hydrocarbons, H2S, Sulfur
    Process Analyzers

    Solution to know the precise chemical composition of your process stream at all times

  • Butterfly, Ball, Knife Gate
    Valves / Control Valves

    Specialized products for corrosion and abrasive applications

Analytical Components

This analytical instrument, measures the gas content or concentration whether its on a pipeline, tank, vessel etc. It does few things, process efficiency, ensure safety and sometimes for compliance.

Process Analyzers

We provide the best technology solutions that can help you determine chemical and physical composition accurately in your industrial process.

Sampling Systems

We can design and customize sample conditioning based on your unique specifications that promotes a productivity and reliability of your process.

Sampling Probe

It acts as a filter from unwanted contaminants such as dust, pipe scale, liquid drops, etc that inhibits optimal efficiency of an analytical instrumentation system.

Types of Nuclear Gauging

Precise Non-contact Instrumentation

Density Gauge

For Process Density and Interface Monitoring using Gamma Transmission

Level Gauge

Continuous Tank Level Monitoring using Gamma Transmission

Nuclear Backscatter

ALARA Compliant for Coker Drum Application, Level/Interface

Gamma Backscatter

One-side Installation for Density/Level/Interface Application

Control Valves

On/Off Valves
Control Valves
Linear Control Valve
Severe Service Control Valve
Severetek Ball
Control Valve

Control Valves

On/Off Valves

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Control Valves

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Linear Control Valve
Severe Service Control Valve

Control Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Weir or Straight Through
Complete line of diaphragm valves to a variety of international design standards. Available with wide range of construction materials and lining options that helps to deliver full potential and effective design concept

Plug Valves

Sleeved or PFA
Engineered products to deliver performance, reliability and safety in a wide variety of application. Materials of construction on the body is ASTM A216 WCB with lots of option to choose from.

Check Valves

Dual Plate or Swing Check
From 2” to 28” Class rating 150, these valves offer reliable performance, robust design, durable and high cycle performance.

Isolation Valves

Ball, Gate, Globe, Check
Complete line high nickel alloy cast and forged designed for critical and severe services where tight shutoff is paramount.

Metal Seated Ball

Severe service ball valves. Performing to Class VI Zero Leakage standards, the valve you can depend on critical isolation.

Custom Engineered Valves

Severe Service Control Valves
From General Service to Severe Service application, Flowserve delivers broad range of high performance control valves that offers greater reliability, precision control, high flow capacity with significant reduced cavitation flashing and noise.

Do you need accurate automation of your process in your industry?